Tsunami Harddisk Detector
the worlds first freely available P2P warning system

[ The problem ]

Tsunamis pose a serious life threat which can, however, be significantly alleviated by reliable warning systems. Unfortunately many countries can not afford such facilities, partly because they require expensive maintenance.


[ The solution]

The Tsunami-Harddisk-Detector utilizes your existing computer hardware to detect earthquakes, which can lead to tsunamis. It is a pure software solution, therefore it can be distributed free of charge.

The computers (nodes) participating in the project connect to a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network, thereby establishing a distributed computing platform with high reliability. A few of the participating computers act as supernodes, thereby performing data analysis on their attached nodes. In case of emergency, the supernodes inform their attached nodes instantly. Hence, if you decide to participate and install the client software, you will be automatically warned about potential tsunamis. more


[ Software ]

For further information about software licensing, follow this link.


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